Philly Band Gets Tired of Waiting for New Pell Mell Album and Records One

When Andrew Chalfen of the Philly power pop band Trollyvox decided to hit the studio in 2012 to record some tracks with his friends Dean Sabatino (aka “Dean Clean” from the Dead Milkmen) and J. Robert “John” Lennon he wanted to use a more loose approach than his usual. In his interview with the blog 53rd and 3rd, he says, “I wanted to try something different, leave more to chance and the input of others. Sort of a nod to Eno’s Oblique Strategies. I just brought some rough ideas into the studio really with few preconceived notions of the final outcome.”

The resulting album Warm Seclusion Structure under the moniker I Think Like Midnight would become a kind of tribute to Pell Mell. He continues, “Pell Mell are our spirit animal band. I’ve been obsessed with them for years, and I got Dean and John into them as well. Especially the last 3 albums. I love Pell Mell’s whole sonic and compositional approach. There’s something very architectural about their sound. They’re good with tension and release and drone. All the elements fit together in a kind of rarified balance, with either a sort of call-and-response to the various parts, or a really seamless weaving of parts. All highly melodic, rhythmic, and super-efficient. There’s no wankery. Everything sound is discrete and has a purpose. Kind of like many Beatles recordings that way. It’s a bit emotionally flat, with a kind of wryness, a raised eyebrow. I kind of joke that I wanted to make a Pell Mell record since there are no new Pell Mell records, and though that’s probably not even remotely possible, they do definitely figure heavily in ITLM’s aesthetic.

Indeed, the album carries the spirit of the later albums from Pell Mell, and anyone who is a fan of Pell Mell would love this record. Bob and Steve from the band exchanged comments on Facebook about the band and are into it, too!

While we all wait for the promise of any kind of news from the band, we can use Warm Seclusion Structure as the soundtrack of hope. You can download the album from Bandcamp, or purchase the physical CD from CDBaby or Bandcamp or from the band’s website.

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Click Here for the I Think Like Midnight CDBaby Page Reboot! is the official/unofficial website of the U.S. band Pell Mell that existed from 1981 to 1998 or so. Most of the members of Pell Mell have continued on to other projects, so the goal of this site is to keep track of any news related to Pell Mell and its associated members’ projects.

Back in February of 2001 I started as a way to capture and collect the information that existed on the Internet (and some that didn’t) about the great instrumental rock band. Over the years there has been some activity that was worth noting– soundtracks that featured a Pell Mell song and side-projects of the band.

I have had input and support of most of the members of the band, whose lineup changed a couple of times over its existence– mostly from Bob Beerman, the drummer of Pell Mell who has a new project called Grimspex with Gary Waleik from Big Dipper.

The website is now using WordPress as its content manager and the news surrounding the band will be threaded like a blog and I’ll take the discography and work on a WordPress plugin for that. I think that ultimately this will make the content easier to work with, and will afford me the ability to extend creator accounts for the guys so they can create content as well (hint, hint).

Nothing Lies Still Long.


A number of things are happening in the splintered Pell Mell camp. The project that Bob mentioned to me last year is slowly working on an LP worth of tracks. It is called Grimspex and is a collaboration with Gary Waleik from Big Dipper. Take a listen to the tracks on the MySpace page.

Greg Freeman has a project called Checksum with Jeff Palmer that is worth checking out. They have a new album called Grey Ghost that came out on Box Kite Records in 2006.

Bob also said that Dave Spalding has been playing around New York City lately.


A couple of things just to keep things fresh– Bob contacted me last year to tell me he was working a new side project. I don’t have the details on it yet. I’ll see if I can track him down for an update. Also, I have spun up another website to host my blogs called Time To Play B-Sides. This is a site where I journal all of the research and discovery I encounter while trying to stay on top of music.

Another Pell Mell Track Discovered

A search of eBay today turned up a new Pell Mell track I’d never heard before. The song is called “8 to the Breeze” and it is an outtake, apparently. A Google search of the track turned up an archived radio show that has the song around the 50 minute mark. Enjoy!

This song was an outtake from the Interstate sessions and was included in Yeti Magazine issue #2 from 2003.

Cut-Out Album Released

After almost two years (see June 18, 2001 News entry below) the long-awaited (at least by me) Interlude With Fun Machine by Fisk/Beerman side project Cut-Out. I have been listening to it in my regular rotation of CD’s, and I think it is really good– although I wish it was longer. It has a very distinctive sound, but fits nicely with some of the so-called “post rock” music in my regular rotation like older Trans Am, Tortoise, Fridge, Couch, etc. The ironic thing is that bands like Pell Mell are part of the reason I listen to these bands in the first place. The limited palate of instrumentation gives this album a nicely consistent sound. As much as I try not to be cliche, I will say it works as the soundtrack to my day-to-day activities. While we all wait patiently for the promise of another Pell Mell album, we can listen to Interlude With Fun Machine.

Dave Spalding Live

Dave will be playing Lolita Bar (266 Broom St., NYC) on September 16th. It will be a solo show– most likely Dave and his drummer Tony Leone. Call 212-966-7223 for more information. Dave will also be supporting singer/songwriter Liz Tormez on September 27th at the Living Room. Go out and show your support! Tell ’em sent ya!

Dave Spalding News

Dave Spalding has just completed recording a thirteen-track album. Bob Beerman plays on a couple of the tracks. I have had the opportunity to hear this recording and am happy to report that it is very much in the Pell Mell spirit. Quite a bit of the Pell Mell characteristic guitar sound permeates the album. Dave sings on the album as well. His laid-back vocal style fits well with the music. Dave wanted me to tell you all that he is performing these songs and others on a regular basis in New York City. If you are fortunate enough to be able to see him, please go out an show your support! Dave can be contacted at

Some updates from Mr. Beerman!

“Two HOT HBO series have chosen Pell Mell songs for their soundtracks. SEX IN THE CITY has selected “Interloper” for use in an upcoming episode; and SIX FEET UNDER has continued to show its good taste by selecting “Nothing Lies Still Long” for use in EVERY EPISODE, as it recaps what went on in the previous episode. –Bob”

“Bob Beerman and Steve Fisk are PROUD to announce the birth of their new “project” CUT OUT. CUT OUT is the result of a fruitful meeting of minds in Seattle in may. The first CUT OUT lp, “Interlude with Fun Machine” is still being finalized as we speak, but Bob and Steve are hopeful for its release by year’s end. A possible SHOCK to all Pell Mell fans worldwide: the CUT OUT lp has NO GUITARS. But, one particularly astute Pell Mell fan has already commented “it sounds different, but the Pell Mell philosophy is still all over CUT OUT” and, “it’s EXCITING!”. a sample track is available at –Bob”