Cut-Out Album Released

After almost two years (see June 18, 2001 News entry below) the long-awaited (at least by me) Interlude With Fun Machine by Fisk/Beerman side project Cut-Out. I have been listening to it in my regular rotation of CD’s, and I think it is really good– although I wish it was longer. It has a very distinctive sound, but fits nicely with some of the so-called “post rock” music in my regular rotation like older Trans Am, Tortoise, Fridge, Couch, etc. The ironic thing is that bands like Pell Mell are part of the reason I listen to these bands in the first place. The limited palate of instrumentation gives this album a nicely consistent sound. As much as I try not to be cliche, I will say it works as the soundtrack to my day-to-day activities. While we all wait patiently for the promise of another Pell Mell album, we can listen to Interlude With Fun Machine.