Another Pell Mell Track Discovered

A search of eBay today turned up a new Pell Mell track I’d never heard before. The song is called “8 to the Breeze” and it is an outtake, apparently. A Google search of the track turned up an archived radio show that has the song around the 50 minute mark. Enjoy!

This song was an outtake from the Interstate sessions and was included in Yeti Magazine issue #2 from 2003.

Some updates from Mr. Beerman!

“Two HOT HBO series have chosen Pell Mell songs for their soundtracks. SEX IN THE CITY has selected “Interloper” for use in an upcoming episode; and SIX FEET UNDER has continued to show its good taste by selecting “Nothing Lies Still Long” for use in EVERY EPISODE, as it recaps what went on in the previous episode. –Bob”

“Bob Beerman and Steve Fisk are PROUD to announce the birth of their new “project” CUT OUT. CUT OUT is the result of a fruitful meeting of minds in Seattle in may. The first CUT OUT lp, “Interlude with Fun Machine” is still being finalized as we speak, but Bob and Steve are hopeful for its release by year’s end. A possible SHOCK to all Pell Mell fans worldwide: the CUT OUT lp has NO GUITARS. But, one particularly astute Pell Mell fan has already commented “it sounds different, but the Pell Mell philosophy is still all over CUT OUT” and, “it’s EXCITING!”. a sample track is available at –Bob”

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