A number of things are happening in the splintered Pell Mell camp. The project that Bob mentioned to me last year is slowly working on an LP worth of tracks. It is called Grimspex and is a collaboration with Gary Waleik from Big Dipper. Take a listen to the tracks on the MySpace page.

Greg Freeman has a project called Checksum with Jeff Palmer that is worth checking out. They have a new album called Grey Ghost that came out on Box Kite Records in 2006.

Bob also said that Dave Spalding has been playing around New York City lately.

Dave Spalding News

Dave Spalding has just completed recording a thirteen-track album. Bob Beerman plays on a couple of the tracks. I have had the opportunity to hear this recording and am happy to report that it is very much in the Pell Mell spirit. Quite a bit of the Pell Mell characteristic guitar sound permeates the album. Dave sings on the album as well. His laid-back vocal style fits well with the music. Dave wanted me to tell you all that he is performing these songs and others on a regular basis in New York City. If you are fortunate enough to be able to see him, please go out an show your support! Dave can be contacted at davespalding@earthlink.net.

Spalding to Appear on New Love Tractor Album

According to the February 9th Goldmine Magazine in their New Release News section, seminal Athens, GA band Love Tractor is releasing their first new album since a decade hiatus from recording and touring on March 6th. The Sky at Night
on Razor & Tie features Pell Mell axeman Dave Spalding as well as former R.E.M. drummer and onetime Love Tractor member Bill Berry. I was a fan of Love Tractor for their first three mostly-instrumental albums Love Tractor, Around the Bend, and ‘Til the Cows Come Home. The new album features singing and from what I’ve heard from the audio snippets on CDNOW, it sounds really good!